10 facts about Ukraine-France

Obozrevatel gives 10 facts that illustrate the preparation and conduct of the second round match of Group D between Ukraine and France, which took place in Donetsk on June 15. The basis for the statistical analysis were the facts provided by a championship management in Donetsk city council.

1) The match, in spite of a terrible storm and a delay, was visited by almost 50,000 spectators.

2) Around "Donbass Arena" stadium 4 additional car parks for fans were organized.

3) The official fan zone in Donetsk on the day of the match was attended by around 45,000 people, it began its work at 1:00 p.m.

4) In the camping park in Donetsk on a day when Ukrainian national team was playing, there were 1,000 people. Strong wind swept off 25 tents.

5)  On June 15, the hotels of the city were occupied by 98%, hostels – 50%.

6) Within 5 days (June 10 – 15) 209 fans required medical care, mostly with symptoms of alcohol intoxication and headache. On June 15, 40 fans asked for medical help, two Ukrainians were hospitalized: with appendicitis and heart attack.

7) June 15, 81 flights arrived at the international airport "Donetsk", 30 of them – international ones. All in all, 2472 passengers arrived at the city by air, 1526 of them used international flights.

8) 8000 guests arrived by 20 trains at the railway station "Donetsk" on June 15.

9) At the fifth minute the match was postponed for an hour because of bad weather.

10. "Donbass Arena", thanks to high-grade drainage system, in 10-15 minutes got rid of huge amounts of water, bringing the lawn on the pitch to the football standards.

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