1,520 packs of cigarettes and a car Hyundai were seized in Transcarpathia

A citizen of Ukraine committed actions aimed at moving goods across the customs border of Ukraine concealed from customs control. These actions contain signs of violation of customs regulations under part 1 of Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. Based on Article 511 of the CCU, under the report on violation of customs regulations, 1000 packs of "Fest 7" without excise stamps of Ukraine; 470 packs of "Compliment Super Slims 3" without excise stamps of Ukraine; 50 packs of "Compliment Super Slims 5" without excise stamps of Ukraine; a car "Hyundai" released in 2011, volume engine 2199 cc with the license plate of Ukraine were seized.


  The cigarettes were in the niche made by the vehicle manufacturer for the spare wheel, in the luggage compartment structural cavities behind the decorative plating, in the structural cavities of the rear seat and the front passenger seat. The cost of the found tobacco products requires additional evaluation with the assistance of an expert.

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